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Application of laboratory water purifier

Application of laboratory deionized water machine
The laboratory water purifier adopts advanced processing technologies and processes such as multi-stage prefiltration, RO reverse osmosis device, nuclear grade mixed bed resin purification treatment, etc. The core components are all imported brands, ensuring excellent performance and stability of products, and water resistance The value reaches 0.2-18.2 MΩ. The laboratory deionized water machine adopts an integrated design and integrates the pretreatment system, RO system, ultrapure water system, and post-processing system. The lab water purifier is generous in appearance, and the laboratory deionized water machine is easy to operate and maintain.
Laboratory deionized water machine is usually composed of three parts: raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis desalination system, and ultra-purification post-treatment system. The purpose of the laboratory deionized water pretreatment is to make the raw water meet the water inlet requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane separation assembly and ensure the stable operation of the reverse osmosis purification system. The reverse osmosis membrane system is the most economical and efficient purification method for the removal of more than 98% of ions, organic matter, and 100% of microorganisms in raw water at one time. The ultra-purification post-processing system further removes trace ions, organic impurities, and other impurities remaining in the reverse osmosis pure water through a variety of integrated technologies. The laboratory deionized water machine meets the final water quality index requirements for different applications.
Appli pe of application of the laboratory deionized water machine is wide, and it can be groundwater, tap water, pure water, or distilled water. Unlike the conventional deionized water machine, distilled water is used as raw water. The most important thing is that the cost per kilogram of deionized water does not exceed 4 cents. Really save you money. Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Ion Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Trace Metal Determination, Solvent Formulation for Identification, Microbiological Analysis, Tissue Culture, Sample Dilution, Glassware Wash for Identification, TCEP and TCEI Series, DNA Sequencing, PCR And electrophoresis, tube culture antibody preparation and so on. The laboratory water purifier is suitable for ordinary qualitative analysis, urine analysis, tissue inspection, parasite inspection, glassware cleaning: examination room analysis, microbiological examination; analytical water, washing water, physicochemical analysis of each automated equipment, high precision Instrument cleaning; blood, serum examination, mass spectrometry, atomic absorption and other water; AA, ICP cell culture, gas chromatography analysis, preparation of tissue culture and other water; low-wavelength HPLC, TOC, IC, GC/MS, IVF Cell culture, amino acid analysis, molecular biology experiments, PCR, gene research and cell culture, etc. The laboratory deionized water machine has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in chemical industry, production technology, laboratories, school experiments, animal drinking water, standard liquid configuration, product cleaning, small experimental water and other industries. The future development of laboratory deionized water machines is unlimited.


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