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Laboratory ultrapure water consumables replacement

Laboratory ultrapure water consumables replacement
After the ultrapure water in the lab uses the filter for a period of time, the filter element and the membrane element will be contaminated by the contaminants brought by the raw water, resulting in a decrease in the performance of the machine. At this time, the consumables need to be replaced.
1. Precise filter element: The precision filter element can also be called as the filter element. It is mainly used to remove sediment, large particles and suspended matter in the water. The filtration accuracy is 5um and 1um. The new cartridge is white and it turns black with time. The filter element is disposable and cannot be reused. Replace the filter element regularly. According to the conditions of the raw water, it is possible to change the filter element. The condition of the water quality is good, the time that can be used is long, the water quality is not good, and the time of use is short.
2. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: The reverse osmosis membrane is the core component of the laboratory ultrapure water machine. It is a semi-transparent membrane with a small pore size. Reverse osmosis membranes remove bacteria, viruses, and colloids that are invisible to the naked eye. With automatic flushing function, it is used to remove dirt on the reverse osmosis membrane.
3, activated carbon filter core: mainly play a role in adsorption, used to remove the odor and residual chlorine in water, heavy metal decolorization. The residual chlorine is more oxidizing for the reverse osmosis membranes behind, and the residual chlorine in the water must be removed. It must be removed using activated carbon. It will be replaced about one year or so.
4. Purification column: The main function of the purification column is to further deep desalting the pure water after reverse osmosis, the principle of which is ion exchange. The service life of the column can be judged based on the conductivity. Below a specific value, this indicates that the cartridge has been replaced.
5. Water: The laboratory ultrapure water, which uses tap water as its source, has two outlets, namely the third-grade water and the first-grade water. The cost of primary water is higher than the cost of tertiary water, and it is possible to use tertiary water as much as possible without using primary water. One grade of water passes through the purification column, while third grade water does not.
In accordance with the correct maintenance and operation methods, not only can improve the performance of equipment, but also can effectively extend the service life of consumables and save costs.


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