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Ultrapure water machine selection method

       Whether it is a laboratory discussion or a medical discussion, ultrapure water is one of the most important reagents for thorough analysis and analysis. Many limits on ultrapure water are equally stringent. For this reason, a set of specialized ultrapure water is Laboratory equipment necessary. For ultrapure water machines, the water quality of the influent water source must be closely related to the selection of the ultrapure water machine. If the inflow water source is distilled water, the ultrapure water sourced from tap water cannot be selected. Equipment, the same reason, the inflow water is tap water, you can not choose ultra-pure water equipment with distilled water as source water.

In general, the parameters of the ultrapure water machine, such as water quality, flow rate, and consumable life, are all water quality standards. If users use poor water sources, they need to select high water production and water quality indicators. An ultra-pure water machine can effectively prevent the rapid fall of water quality, and prevent the frequent replacement of ultrapure water consumables. Therefore, when selecting an ultrapure water machine, you may be able to familiarize yourself with the relevant parameters of the local source water quality. Ask the manufacturer to select the model.

The rest of the factors affecting the selection of ultrapure water models still have periods of water use, water points are scattered, etc. In general, when there is a large number of water point dispersions, large flow rate laboratory ultrapure water machines need to be selected as the center water supply. The mainframe of the system is then transported to each water point via a bypass pipeline. If the water points are compared, a single ultrapure water machine can be used to meet the needs.

In short, when we use ultra-pure water machines, we must be familiar with the selection of other pure water equipment, such as medical ultrapure water machines, so we can first be familiar with the quality of the influent water sources and understand our own water needs. This is the time of selection. Will be more targeted, more able to meet their own water needs.


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