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Ultrapure water pressure barrel function

The pure water mechanism takes pure water and stores it in a pressure tank. When water is used, it is pumped out of the pressure tank. We all know that the output of the ultrapure water machine is too small to satisfy the users with the use of Water requirements. Therefore, the pressure barrels will be used. When the users do not fetch water, the ultrapure water machine will continue to make water, and the purified water will be stored in the pressure tank.

When the user needs water, directly from The pressure tank is taken so that the user does not need to spend time waiting for the water, and can use pure water at any time.

The principle of the pressure tank is to use the internal airbag to inflate and inflate the airbag when entering the water, so that the influent water is subjected to the counter-target pressure. When this pressure is equal to the inflow pressure, it will not be continuously flooded into the pressure tank. Arrival pressure average form. When the tap is open, the pressure inside the pressure tank is greater than the outside, pure water will flow until the water pressure is cut off when the water pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure, it has been so reincarnation. It can be said that the pressure barrel is an essential The components greatly simplify the preparation of pure water.

The pressure tank can not only prevent secondary pollution caused by sunlight mapping, microorganisms, etc., but also allow the test staff to follow the use of pure water, which greatly simplifies the test staff. At the same time, the pressure bucket is used as a raw material for the design of pressure tanks. Not only will not lead to secondary pollution of water, at the same time safe and reliable, it will not produce fried barrels. Lightless ultra-pure water machine closed vacuum aseptic storage tank, can effectively guarantee the quality of water and water safe.


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