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       Shanghai LiDing Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd is a high-tech joint-stock enterprises,which professional engaged in R&D, manufacture and the promotion&application. The company produced a series of ultra pure water equipment, integration of a variety of sophisticated water treatment technology and manufacturing process, the tap water can be directly transformed into ultra pure water, water quality fully meet the requirements in ASTM, NCCLS I level, GB6682-92 I level and GB/T11446-1997 I level, and currently the largest water output could arrive to 100M3/H. The company product widely used in chemical, biological, medical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, semiconductor and other fields, meet the required standard of the spectral analysis, chromatographic analysis, cell culture, protein purification, molecular biology etc. In addition to laboratory ultra pure water systems, we also have involved other business, such as the large and medium-sized water treatment engineering design, installation, technical re-design, technical training and cost assessment services.

        The company provides professional training and system optimization according to the user's requirements, in the premise of product quality; we strive for the cost minimization and comprehensive services.

        All the time, the company is committed to creating a top brand in field of water system and provides the most competitive water system solutions, all-round pre-sale and after-sale service for customers with outstanding upgrading technician and the scientific management mechanism.



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