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LAB-EDI-U series

RO pure water: desalination rate as high as 95-99% , Conductivity ≤10μS/cm
Ultrapure water:
resistivity 18.25MΩ.cm@25°C,
TOC: <3 ppb,
particles (>0.22 um) <1/ml,
microorganism <1 cfu/m,

Product feature 

Ø Colored touched screen, humanized operation interface make users completely monitor controllers working status and real-time data.

Ø Built-in filter, with 10 micron 316L stainless steel precision filter screen to remove fine impurities instead of PP cotton filter; manual drain valve, automatic cleaning at any time, soft scraping design for more thorough drainage, transparent shell make filtration effect visual.

Ø The long-acting KDF device adopts the original imported filter material . It removes residual chlorine, heavy metals, and inhibits the growth of fungi at the front of water purification. It has a long service life, better protects the post-purification system, and extends lifetime of ultra-purification column 

Ø Lifetime of PP cotton, activated carbon filter, RO membrane and ultra purification columns can be set to display the elapsed&rest time of consumables. Automatic reminder for filter replacement to avoid water quality decreasing.

Ø Imported UF ultra filtration column ensure meet request for removing pyrogen and RNA.

Ø The pipeline adopts a quick-plug interface, the pipe joint passes NSF certification, dual-wavelength UV lamps, effectively sterilizes and reduces TOC, and the original imported 5000D ultra filtration module effectively removes pyrogen.

Ø Type U Korean quick-insert filters, used imported filtering materials

Ø Inbuilt feed water pressure test gauge to real time monitor tap water pressure and filters blocking.

Ø Perfect managing functions of DI &UP water making, circulation system and sterilization.

Ø Built-in pressure tank which has inner pouch whose material is anti-bacteria and it is transparent, the inner pouch can be changed anytime.

Ø The machine is equipped with pure water transfer pump to ensure the flow rate of water Ø ABS engineering plastic case, powder coating technology, with water quality and quantity upgrading function, door is open at the side

Ø Backlight LCD display,dual waterway online monitoring, which can simultaneously display DI conductivity value,UP resistance value and equipment operating status indication.

Ø Menu-type operation, parameters can be set and modified, operating status display and indication light indicate to promptly reflect machine operating status such as high-pressure shutdown, low-pressure alarm, water full shutdown, etc.

Ø Alarming for water quality exceeding, automatic filters replacement reminding, water intake time can be set. Take water by touched key, Automatic indication light indicate DI and UP water intake.

Ø Equipped with a portable test pen, which can test TDS content, conductance and water temperature anytime, anywhere

Ø With RS-232C communication interface output, it can be connected with intelligent instruments with RS-232C interface to realize the transmission of measurement data or print records

Ø Can be equipped with ultra-pure water internal circulation system which keep water quality at the highest level. 

Ø Using EDI module, Ensure the purity of water and maintain the life of consumables.

Ø 40 L water level tank to store EDI water

Ø The inner circulation system is configured to circulate the UV lamp and the ultra-purification column to maintain the purity. It can be opened and closed by the inner circulation button on the side




Inlet water source

Urban tap water TDS<200ppm, inlet water pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa, water temperature 5-45°C

Water-making speed

10/20/30  L/H

Water flow speed


2 water outlets

Front water outlet

DI pure waterASTM TYPE II waterand Ultra pure waterASTM TYPE I water

Side water outlet

Double RO waterASTM TYPE III water

Output water quality

Double RO waterConductivity1-5 us/cm

Deionized water: Resistivity (25℃):10 to 16 MΩ. Cm @ 25 ℃, Conductivity< 0.1 us/cm

Ultrapure water: resistivity 18.25MΩ.cm@25°C, TOC: <3 ppb, particles (>0.22 um) <1/ml, micro organism <1 cfu/ml,

pyrogen<0.001EU/ml, RNases≤0.01ng/ml, DNases≤3Pg/ul

Scope of application

Deionized water:  

Preposition unit of ultra pure water system, supply water for biochemical analyzer, electroplating painting, battery charging, chips washing, microbial culture media, chemical&biochemical regent preparation, buffer making, photographic film processing, stability test chamber, meteorological test equipment, hydrogen generator, salt spray test chamber. It can completely replace the traditional single/double/triple distilled water machine.

Ultrapure water:  

Molecular biology, life sciences, genetic research, cell culture, amino acid analysis, protein purification, toxicology research, drug development, medical testing


110-220V/50-60Hz; 120W


L x W x H: 47 x 45 x 55cm  Edi module box: 50*50*90cm

Filter function

Front filter: 10 micron mesh 316 stainless steel washable filter, remove minor impurities,extend PP cotton lifetime.

KDF filter: Remove residual chlorine,heavy metals, retrain fungi breed, lifetime is very long, can protect post-positive filters.

PP: PP cotton filter, remove impurities (greater than 5 micron) such as suspended solid, rust, sludge, colloid, etc.

AC: Granular activated carbon filter: remove color, odor, residual chlorine and heavy metals

RO: Reverse osmosis membrane: filter out <1nm pollutants, ions, particles

RO: Reverse osmosis membrane: filter out <1nm pollutants, ions, particles

EDI module: Ensure the purity of water and maintain the life of consumables

UV: UV germicidal lamp: sterilization device, decomposition and photo oxidation OC, lower TOC

UP: Ultra-purification column: ion exchange resin bed, H+ and OH- ion removal

TF: 0.2μm terminal filter, final removal for < 0.2μm bacteria

Product consumables list


Filter element

Replace cycle


KDF composite filter

About 1 year


11" PP filter

About 4-6 month


11" activated carbon filter

About 4-6 month


100 GPD RO membrane

About 1-2 years

100 low pressure RO membrane

About 1-2 years


11" ultra-purification column (imported resin)

About 1000 liter


0.2 μm imported PES terminal filter

About 2-3 years


Dual wavelength (185 & 254 nm) UV lamp tube (import)

About 9000 hours


EDI Module