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Medium LD-DI Series

①Resistivity(25°C):10-16MΩ.cm ② Salt rejection 95-99% (with new RO membrane) ③Conductance:<0.1us/cm
④TDS (RO Water): <10ppm
⑤2 water outlets: RO water, deionized water


Ø Double LCD screens, fully automatic microcomputer control system

Ø Water quality online monitoring system

Ø Automatic RO membrane anti-scaling flushing program and timed flushing procedures to extend RO membrane lifetime.

Ø Real-time display working status like power, water, pump, flush, water shortage and water full  to understand the machine running status

Ø Floor-standing design, with activated and fixed stand bar at the bottom, easy to install and move

Ø RO water, deionized water, two water outlets

Ø Present TDS test pen


Preposition unit of ultra pure water system, supply water for biochemical analyzer, electroplating painting, battery charging, chips washing, microbial culture media, chemical&biochemical regent preparation, buffer making, photographic film processing, stability test chamber, meteorological test equipment, hydrogen generator, salt 



Filter function

² First stage: PP cotton (PPF filter with a pore size of 5 microns): Preliminary filtration of raw water to remove coarser particles, colloids, suspended solids, etc. in the water.

² Second stage: Granular activated carbon: high-efficiency adsorption of odor, color, organic matter, and heavy metals in water.

² Third stage: Compressed activated carbon: further remove residual chlorine, organic compounds, color, odor, turbidity, etc.

² The fourth stage: RO reverse osmosis membrane: 0.0001 micron pore size, effectively removes organic impurities such as viruses and heavy metals in water.

² The fifth stage: Deionization purification tank: remove most of the heavy metals and trace elements in the water, and the water quality meets the national laboratory water first-grade water standard.


Feed water request

TDS <200ppm, 5-45 ℃, 1.0-3.5Kg / cm2

Flow rate

1.5-2 L/Min ( with pressure barrel)

Water making speed


2 water outlets

RO water and DI water

RO water quality

TDS <10 ppm * Total salt rejection above 95%

DI water quality


<0.1us/cm (0.01ms/m)



Inorganic ion rejection


Soluble organic matter rejection

>99% (molecular weight >100)

Particulate matter rejection rate


Microbial retention rate


Machine size (L x W x H)

50 × 52 × 108cm

Standard configuration

Machine + 11 gallon pressure tank + accessory package

Power supply

220V 50/60Hz  72-240W

Product consumables list


Filter element

Replace cycle



20’’ PP cotton

About 4-6 month

1 pc


20’’ Granular activated carbon

About 4-6 month

1 pc


20’’ Refined activated carbon

About 4-6 month

1 pc


400 GPD RO membrane

About 1-2 years

              1 pc


12L deionization purification tank

About 25 tons

  1 pc


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