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MT-DI series

DI water:
Conductivity ≤0.1μS/cm

Product Features

Ø ABS engineering plastic case, powder coating technology, with water quality and quantity upgrading function, self-priming door.

Ø Type U Korean quick-insert filters, used imported filtering materials.

Ø Upgraded self-cleaning filter which with design of built-in 10’’ 10μm stainless steel filter mesh and silicone soft scraping, it can clean anytime, perfectly replace PP cotton filter, no need exchange.

Ø Long-acting KDF filter whose adsorption efficiency and lifetime are more than 10times as equal quantity activated carbon filters, this avoid frequent filter replacement.

Ø Built-in pressure tank which has inner pouch whose material is anti-bacteria and it is transparent, the inner pouch can be changed anytime.

Ø Inbuilt feed water pressure test gauge to real time monitor tap water pressure and filters blocking.

Product parameter

Inlet water source

Urban tap water, water pressure: 0.15-0.4MPa, water temperature 5-40 degrees C

Water making speed


Water flow speed

1.5-2L/min (with pressure barrel)

2 water outlets

RO pure water and Ultra pure water

RO pure water quality

Desalination rate as high as 95-99% , Conductivity ≤10μS/cm

Dionized water quality

resistivity 15-18MΩ.cm@25°C, conductivity: 0.1 μs/cm,  ammonia: 0.3μg/ml, nitrate: 0.06 μg/ml

Power supply

110-240V50/60Hz; 50-60W


L x W x H:47*45*55cm

Standard configuration

Machine+terminal filter+accessories package



Filter function

Front filter: 10 micron mesh 316 stainless steel washable filter, remove minor impurities,extend PP cotton lifetime.

KDF filter: Remove residual chlorine,heavy metals, retrain fungi breed, lifetime is very long, can protect post-positive filters.

PP: PP cotton filter, remove impurities (greater than 5 micron) such as suspended solid, rust, sludge, colloid, etc.

AC: Granular activated carbon filter: remove color, odor, residual chlorine and heavy metals

RO: Reverse osmosis membrane: filter out <1nm pollutants, ions, particles

DI: deionized-purification column: ion exchange resin bed, H+ and OHion removal


Filter element

Replace cycle




KDF composite filter

About 1 year

1 pc


11" PP filter

About 4-6 month

1 pc


11" activated carbon filter

About 4-6 month

1 pc


100 GPD RO membrane

About 1-2 years

2 pcs


11’’Deionization purification column

About 1000 liter/pc

4 pcs