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TDS <10 ppm * Total salt rejection above 95%


1. Korean appearance, exquisite and slim, small size, can be inside lab cabinet.

2. Quick-insert filters make replacement easy and convenient.

3. Design of exposed filter cartridges make consumables replaced easily.

4. Microcomputer automatically control, backlight LED large LCD screen. 5.

5. Visualized operating status, real-time display flushing, water making,  water full&lack and maintenance status, with sound and light alarm function.

6. Transparent window, simple&graceful, detachable panel, convenient maintenance.

7.Newest environmentally friendly materials. With a portable test pen.


Preposition unit of ultra pure water system, supply water for biochemical analyzer, electroplating painting, battery charging, chips washing, microbial culture media, chemical&biochemical regent preparation, buffer making, photographic film processing, stability test chamber, meteorological test equipment, hydrogen generator, salt spray test chamber. It can completely replace the traditional single/double/triple distilled water machine.

Filter function

² First stage: PP cotton (PPF filter with a pore size of 5 microns): Preliminary filtration of raw water to remove coarser particles, colloids, suspended solids, etc. in the water.

² Second stage: Granular activated carbon: high-efficiency adsorption of odor, color, organic matter, and heavy metals in water.

² Third stage: Compressed activated carbon: further remove residual chlorine, organic compounds, color, odor, turbidity, etc.

² The fourth stage: RO reverse osmosis membrane: 0.0001 micron pore size, effectively removes organic impurities such as viruses and heavy metals in water.


Feed water:urban tap water: TDS<200ppm, 5-45°C, 1.0-3.5Kg/cm2

Output: 30 L/H

Inorganic ion rejection: >96%

Soluble organic matter rejection: >99% (molecular weight >100)

Particulate matter rejection rate: >99%

Microbial retention rate: >99%

RO water quality: TDS <10 ppm * Total salt rejection above 95%

Power supply:220V 50Hz, 72-240W

Standard configuration: Machine ( with 1 set consumable filter inside) + accessory package

Product Image


Product consumables list


Filter element

Replace cycle




11’’ PP cotton

About 3-6 month

1 pc


11’’ activated carbon

About 3-6 month

2 pcs


100 GPD RO membrane

About 1-2 years

2 pcs